Game Court Construction San Jose

Custom Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts and Much more!

Many people think that game court construction is just a matter of pouring a concrete slab and painting some lines on it. There is a lot more that goes into game court construction than just creating a smooth surface for people to run on.

First of all, the game court has to be more than just smooth. It has to be perfectly level and absolutely flat. Otherwise, there may be an unfair advantage or disadvantage to one side or the other. It is also important to choose a game court construction company that is able to build a court up to regulation standards. This is necessary for building a game court that is accurate and can have games played on it.

The most important part of the game court construction is the part that many people don’t even really think about: the surface. A concrete game court is always going to be a bit dangerous to play on, and will always hurt a bit if one falls on it, but there are many surfacing options that actually make gameplay a lot more enjoyable and make the risk of injury a lot lower.

Here at Bayside Asphalt, we offer many different game court surface options for the greater San Jose, East Bay, Oakland and Santa Cruz area. The exact surface you choose will depend on the game court you are having built, whether the court is indoors or outdoors, and your own personal preferences for your game court. We have special surfaces for basketball courts and custom surface options for tennis courts, as well as surface options for volleyball courts and any other game you might need.

We also offer resurfacing services if you have an existing game court at your San Jose home or business and you want a new surface put on it to make it more comfortable and safer to play on.

When you call us at Bayside Asphalt about the game court construction project you have in mind, be sure to ask us about our specialty game court surfaces. Call us today for a free estimate!