Game Court Paving Services

New Game Court Construction, Game Court Re-Surfacing, and Repair

Here at Bayside Asphalt, we offer a full range of services for all your paving and concrete construction needs. You can count on our team to provide excellent customer service and customer satisfaction whenever you hire us for a job!

Tennis Court Construction

We specialize in tennis court construction in and around the Bay Area. When it comes to sports standards and safety requirements for tennis court construction, we lead the pack in standards compliance. Our construction team is clean, neat, well behaved, and polite, and our customers consistently tell us how pleased they are with the experience they have working with Bayside Asphalt to build their tennis courts.

At Bayside Asphalt, we are an industry leader in the Bay Area in tennis court construction. We install tennis courts in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Monterrey, and Santa Cruz. We also contract for tennis court construction jobs through all of California. Our expertise and professionalism mean that you can have confidence in choosing us because we will give you the tennis court of your dreams along with a spectacular customer experience that you will definitely be telling all your friends about!

Basketball Court Construction

Whether you are putting in an indoor or an outdoor basketball court, it needs to be installed properly to be perfect for a game of shooting hoops. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable company to install a basketball court, either for you personally or for your company, you have come to the right place at Bayside Asphalt!

Our goal is customer satisfaction through every stage of the planning, construction, and installation process. From the first moment you call Bayside Asphalt to start talking with us about your basketball court construction project, we will work to make sure you have a great experience with us. We firmly believe that there is no better advertisement than a happy customer, and we want to make sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with your project through Bayside Asphalt.

Game Court Construction

If you have any other paved game court that you need created for you, Bayside Asphalt is the company to do it for you. We are a trusted and respected game court construction companythroughout California, especially in the cities of San Jose, Monterrey, Santa Cruz, Oakland, and San Francisco. This is the area that we first began our operations in, and this is the city where we have the highest concentration of satisfied customers who come back to us for their paving jobs over and over again.

Here at Bayside Asphalt, we know that building a game court isn’t just a matter of pouring some concrete into a slab and then deciding that you are done. We know that different games have different standards for their courts. We meticulously follow every rule of game court construction for the game or games that you are building courts for, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your game court construction project is in very good hands.


Here at Bayside Asphalt, we are certified to handle many different areas of paving and grading. The experts at Bayside Asphalt create clean, organized work site that will keep you safe and allow you to have peace of mind about your asphalt installation project. You can relax knowing that our efficient, professional, well mannered experts on our crews are taking care of your asphalt project with the goal of providing you maximum customer satisfaction and meeting all your standards and requirements.

In the state of California, we are qualified and trusted to handle any asphalt project or paving project. We strive for excellence every day in order to give you the best possible customer experience. Our pricing is competitive and our work is efficient, so you can count on having the job done on time and on budget, with significant savings to you compared to other companies. Choose Bayside Asphalt for your next asphalt project!


There are so many uses for paving that it would be nearly impossible to create a list of the paving projects we have done in the past. Paving is great for everything from the smallest walkway to the largest parking lot, and anything in between. When you need a company that will do great work on your paving project, will keep costs reasonable and will give you the perfect customer experience, come to Bayside Asphalt and discover what customer service is supposed to be like!

Here at Bayside Asphalt, we have been serving the Bay Area, including Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Monterrey, for a combined period of over 30 years. We are also qualified to do paving work throughout California, and we frequently do contracting work in other parts of California as well.

Our goal at Bayside Asphalt is to provide the best customer service experience you have ever had. Give Bayside Asphalt a call today at (831) 334 – 8418 for a free estimate and to discover the Bayside difference for yourself!